9/23/21 “emails, letters, books, magazines”

Everyday around 7pm I walk up the the unit office and go down the list of names that have received mail. Its really an exciting part of the day. When your name is on the list you go into the office and claim your mail. They know my name in there already because early on I received quite a bit of mail. I take my mail back to my room and read it. I have received some really awesome mail , books, and magazines from everyone. I really appreciate it. Often times I don’t know who the books or magazines are from because there aren’t return addresses or they take the books out of the original packaging. I apologize I have not been able to say thank you to everyone but please know that I am grateful! I read every bit of what you guys send me. I have kept everything you guys have sent me and I plan on sending it back to Margo soon when I figure out how to send packages. I got my first set of stamps yesterday and I’m trying to figure out where to get envelopes so I can start writing back to you guys. If you guys want to email with me please let me know and Ill set you up. For those of you that have said you want to write me via email I have put your name in the system here. It sends you a link you need to follow. I know for a few people it has gone to spam or they say they never received it. All good, just ask me again to send you a link and I will. I like emailing back and forth as it makes my time here pass. The mail and slowed down for me the last couple weeks so if you feel bored please write me again and Ill try to respond back now that I have stamps. Also, any messages you send me from my website I get right to my email.

This blog is to tell everyone THANK YOU!