9/26/21 “For my wife and kids”

My cell neighbor and I have alot of good talks. He has a family and his kids are in their 20s, hes older and mature. I enjoy talking to him, hes from Atlanta Georgia and owns a couple restuarants but grew up running the streets. We discuss often what it takes to raise a family, the sacrifices it takes, and the rewarding times. We both agreed though that we wanted our families to be taken care of whether we were in prison or on the streets. If they were still good we felt as though we were still doing our jobs. I would say thats my single biggest concern in prison is whether my family is still doing good or not. My wife always feels bad if she does anything right now while im in here. She is concerned that it would make me upset or in a sense jealous. When I hear about the kids still playing sports and going to school it makes me feel great. When I hear about her still being able ride and hang out with her friends it gives me comfort. When they are good on the outside I feel great in here. The worst fear I had coming in here was that they would suffer. Im glad they are not, Im glad they are continuing to live their lives. They are the single most important thing to me in my life. Ill be out soon Margo, Stella, Saylor and Sawyer!