9/8/21″Thoughts” “Visitation”

Well ive been in population for 6 weeks now. Time seems to be moving by at a decent rate. Most days are good but definitely still moments of struggle.

Visitation last sunday went awesome! I got to see Margo Sawyer and Cray Cray (Saylor). Every weekend I have someone to come visit is great. It makes the week move by faster and something to look forward too. My baby girl ran to me right away. It was awesome. We still have the plexiglas in front of us but it is open underneath. She acted up a couple times. LOL! Her smile and laugh did everything for me. She was my perfect little girl. My son was so good and mature, I was most worried about him because he is my sensitive one. He was proud he was taking charge and running the house lol. When mom walked away he told me everything he was worried about with each person. He did it so they wouldnt hear. Hes my dog and always will be. Hes doing welll in football and my football community plus his Papi are amazing with the amount of help and support they have provided. One of the kids i coached last year scored a touchdown and they asked him why and he said he did it for coach Crowther because I taught him that play! The team also needed to get a running clock so sawyer could make it on the plane in time. That means they need to be up by 30+ points so they dont stop clock and game ends sooner. The coach told the team about it and the team came through! They were up by 30 points and sawyer made his flight!

Margo is doing awesome. I know things are tough for her and i cant even imagine how its going. We do have some difficult phone calls sometimes but we always come back to each other with love. Thats why I married her. Her parents have been so supportive during this whole thing. Im blessed with some awesome support.

Now for some tough times, I still cry every other day. Usually because someone has done something nice for my family and that means alot to us. I think about my bedroom and laying in bed with my kids and wife everyday. Another very diffcult thing im trying to overcome is the lack of control I have of things going on outside. Frustrating sometimes and I need to learn to only deal with what I can. I have been reading so many bsuiness books, motivation books, self help books. It makes me want to conqueor the world even from inside prison but its probably not the best choice because I cant do anything about it right now, or as not as much as I want to anyways. Ive started to read more biographies of people who have had diffcult lives. Its very enlightening and makes you put your own life into prospective. Other people have it way worse.

My job in caprentry has been going great. My bosses last day is tomorrow and hes from bonifay florida. Good guy. He is an innmate as well. We have built cabinets, laid flooring, installed closests and made and installed base boards.

I have gained a bunch of weight from all the food. Im over 200lbs. Yikes!

Anyways, miss everyone and love all the pictures and cards!!!! please keep them coming.