A friend leaves

One of the guys I have been the closest with left yesterday. He was my work out partner everyday and who I went to if I ever needed advice. I played tennis with him and walk the track often. I would consider him a friend and I hope to be able to continue that in the future. He is from Miami and not far away. He was released immediately by his sentencing judge, we did not know it was coming. Bitter sweet for sure. I am super happy for him and glad he is out continuing on with his life, it does make me miss my family and the free world that much more. I worked out yesterday for the first time by myself, I’m going to need to adjust..

I am still talking to the kids everyday, it has been really nice hearing about their days from school to sports. I’m happy for them and it helps my time pass as well.

I cook brown rice most days now and add some type of meat. We have brown rice here that is precooked. I’m sure you can get it that way in the store. I add hot water to a bag of it and let it sit for about 5-7 minutes. I then pour a ton of extra virgin olive oil all over it and cook it in microwave from 6-10min. This actually fries the rice like you would get at the restaurant. Ill add different meats to it from chicken, pork, beef, salmon, tuna and a few others. Also one of my favorite things to do is crush up wheat thins or pork skins and put them on top when its ready to serve. Everything we get from commissary they sell at the grocery stores. There are a ton of preservatives in it because its all premade in pouches though. I have started to add complex carbs back into my diet such as rice because my energy levels had gone down signficantly after I lost all my weight, I assume because my body had no more body fat to burn.

Margo told me she wrote to you guys. She has been tough and staying positive. I’m super proud of her.

I am still keeping up with literature and books on aging. There is a prescription medication Rapamycin that has shown some remarkable anti aging characteristics. Right now it is currently used in patients that need organ transplants to lower their immune system so the body doesn’t reject the new organ. In lower doses it has been shown to lower the Motor pathway in humans which down regulates the cell reproduction in our bodies. It tells the body to hunker down and stop producing new cells and starting cleaning up the damaged ones and maintaining the existing ones. By continuing to reproduce cells is typically what will cause cancer in the future. This is very important in ani-aging. There isn’t enough human studies in Rapamycin at this time to where I would tell anyone to take it however Margo has signed both of our dogs up for a canine study on the drug that eventually will be used to understand how it effects humans. In the meantime Metformin has shown to do something very similar and has been used in human who have diabetes for over 40 years. Metformin is the miracle drug for aging at this time. If you are interested in more Margo will send you everything she is taking at this time.