Aging overview

One thing I worry about is how fast life is going to be again once I get out. If you get a moment today google a
few of these topics on aging and health that I have talked about already. Lots of podcats and literature.

Metformin anti aging
Metformin Tame (human trials)
Rapamycin anti aging
Rapamycin Matt Kaberlain
Rapamycin Pearl (human studies) ( Rapamycin has shown the most favorable anti aging properties in animal
trials compared to any other single thing you can take or do )
Biologists in aging:
David sinclair anti aging (lots of literature and podcasts, has a great podcast on his website. Lead biologist at
hardvard on aging)
Nir Birzlai anti aging

Fisten anti aging (The Mayo clinic is actually trying to get FDA approval for this and doing human trials now)
Spermidine anti aging
NMN anti aging
NR anti aging
Quercitin anti aging
Autophagy (This is a must read about our body and probably the first thing I would look up and understand)
9 hallmarks of aging
NAD anti aging
mitochondria anti aging
Gene therapy
Hyberbaric chambers
hot (sauna) cold (ice bath or cryo therapy) therapy
Time restricted eating for longevity and autophagy
Stem cell therapy
I know im missing a bunch