Black Flag, Grail/Cancer, Plane flight

Ok, so when the temperature is over 95 degrees they issue what is called a black flag warning on the military base. This also is in effect at our prison. It doesn’t allow us to work outside or go out onto the rec yard. Yikes! This makes it difficult but luckily I still have quite a few anti aging books to read and plenty or articles and studies.
Did you know if you detect cancer within stage 1 or 2 that you have a 80% survival rate? If you catch it in stage 3 or 4 you will definitely not like the outcome. There is a blood test that has recently come out that can detect 50 types of cancers, the name of it is “GRAIL”. Before this test there were very few cancer tests and most of them diagnosed cancer when it was too late. It was developed by Jeff Huber who was one of the big dogs at Google specifically helping develop Google maps. As soon as I get out of prison I will be doing this simple blood test. This is an absolute break through in fighting and preventing cancer, helping to extend our lives and overall health span.
For those that have read my blogs in the past have you looked into Metformin and its effects on aging and all cause mortality? Metformin reduces cancer risk and mortality by up to 40%. Tons of studies from David Sinclair and Nir Barzalai to name a couple. Look up the current TAME study by Nir. It costs pennies per pill and will help protect your life. This is something you can get a script from your doctor or I believe Margo said there is a website that will do telahealth for it. Look up AgeLessRX.
I was called down to the unit office today and asked if I have obtained my plane flight yet to return home. Its crazy to think its this close already. The paperwork they have given me shows Aug 17th release date. Alot of us guys go home around the same time when we transition from the program. I hear daily about how many days we have left, how many weeks, how many months, and how many chow hall lasagnas that is. There must be a hundred different ways to count down the days. In the mean time I stay focused on what I need to do and look forward to the day I get to see everyone again.