Blog 4-13-22 ” Animals, Barber Shop “

Rough week on the home front, my dog Gretchen was hit by a car and was found in a ditch, she wasn’t moving. They took her to vet and she didn’t move for 4 days. After day 4 she tried to stand up, she wobbles really bad and falls down all the time. We hope with some rehab she will recover. Then we had a horse eat some poisons berries or something and fell straight to the ground and also didn’t get up for days. He was rushed to a vet hospital as well. He is doing ok now after a few days there. This has been tough because we had also recently lost a stallion of ours to west Nile virus. I cant help but feel that if I was there I would be able to help more with these things. Ugh.

Getting to know the 50 new guys from the Texarkana prison camp has been fun and has helped time pass. There are several from the areas Margo and I visit often and all over Texas. One of them even qualified for the National Finals Rodeo in team roping.

Circadian Code is an absolute must read book! I’m reading Darwin’s Hacks now and just started it, Ill give an update soon.

Yesterday I went and got a haircut, i keep it short here because I really don’t want to spend time in the morning styling it. While there in the barber shop it was relaxed and cool. It just reminded me of an old school barber shop, people just sitting around, we were listening to some oldies rap music and having a good time. The barber shop is a stand alone building, normal looking building and inside looks like a small normal barber shop.

While in group yesterday the counselors showed us a vape smoke device they had found, they were really upset as they should be. They walked around and explained to us why it was bad and wanted to know whose it was. We sat there for awhile until one of the guys took responsibility for it. There isn’t much contraband in my unit so it was interesting to see, it was one of the newer guys. The units right next to us though do have all kinds of stuff but they are on a completely different program than us.

I injured my lower abdomen somehow over a week ago and it has made it really difficult to work out and do sports, I received a prednisone script that has helped some but still not 100%. I hope to get better soon, not far from the door and I want to be in good shape before leaving.

Several of the tennis players have left which has made it tough to play tennis lately, that has been one of my favorites and great for exercise. We have been playing softball more which is good but not as much exercise. I am still starting at short stop and hitting top of the lineup LOL.

Ive been working on the roofs a bunch lately with the rains starting to come in again, the facilties manager pulls me out of class when they have bad ones. Its been difficult to get supplies in here because of the shortages so we have been just making do.