blog 4-15-22 ” Friday “

Good morning, Im waiting for the first of classes to start this morning. I usually wake up around 5:30 or earlier. They turn lights on at that time and announce over the loud speaker that breakfast is ready. If your on top bunk this makes it rough, luckily im on bottom.
In the mornings i read some and do a little catch up on class work. Ill go down to work even though im not required, Ill get the other guys ready for the day while im in classes. Its hard to sit around the unit.
They did a pat down for first time before coming into our unit a couple days ago. They caught a guy with tobacco on him. He was removed from the program. The community was a little down about it because he was a leader and would often speak about how he had just connected back with his daughters and family after being in prison for 9 years. We were all rooting for him. We understand why they had to do it but still hard to see.
I heard another awful story yesterday about a guy who has been in prison for 10 years and about to get out. He had 27 days left in prison, they brought him back early from work to call his daughter. His daughter told him that his wife had passed away. The sad stories are the most difficult about this, not the actual time being served.
Through all this you have to stay postive and moving forward. Understanding I can only control what I can control is improtant and that the time here and life is what I make it.
Hope everyone has a good weekend! Make it a good one.