BLOG 4-3-22 “Roofing / Sawyer / Aging”

Lots of rain coming in today from what I see on the weather channel. I still talk to the team back at home, im proud of them, we talk about whats going on now and future plans for when I get out. They want it just as much as I do, several of them I have worked with for over 20 years now.

Sawyers 12th birthday was yesterday! He is doing so well and becoming a young man that Im proud of. He had a big football game yesterday and today he is going fishing. He gives me a bunch to be greatful for and to look forward to when I get out. I miss him a bunch.

Margo sends me articles from a website “Aging Journal”. Its great site that publishes studies and trials on different aging projects going on. The site is meant for other biologist and peers in the industry and not so much for roofers as the material can be very difficult to understand, however I do my best and have learned a ton from it. Check the site out because its raw information with nothing to pitch or sell.

I am going to try to get Margo to start tracking some more of her bio metrics such as glucose, oxygen, cortisol, and lactic (sp). They have good glucose wearables right now so we will probably start there. Its really good to know your glucose levels and what spikes them. Foods do different things to different people, for instance a potatoe could cause one persons glucose levels to spike after eating and other people not affect as much. The goal would be to have glucose levels within a range consistently, which will help reduce the chances of diabetes. Also your energy during the day will relate to these metrics. More data you can track now will help into the future. We are also waiting for her internal bioclock age from It will tell you how old you are internally, they use DNA methlyation to give you an idea of where you are at.

I am still eating once a day in the evening if I have a second meal its usuall within an hour of the first. I try to keep all my eating within a small window. After a week its super easy to do. If you havent read previous posts, I am trying to trigger autophagy in the body. I am NOT doing it to lose weight I am doing it for overall health. I have a few goto meals, for example one of my favorite meals is brown rice (complex carb) peppers, onions, tomatoes and a ton of extra virgin olive oil Ill mix in some salmon, and sardines. Salmon and sardines are high in omegas which are great for brain health as is extra virgin olive oils. Poly and mono Unsaturated fats are really good for you so check out labels. A few days a week i will subsitute the fish for beans. Beans are high in plant protein, which I still try to keep up a decent amount of because of the exercise. Olive oils are high in unsaturated fats and polyphenols which a ton of studies have shown to be great for brain health and aging. There are a bunch of websites that sell extra virgin oil oil that are picked at the right time to maintian high polyphenols. Try to buy some that is not in a clear bottle.

Ok thats all I got today! Hopefully Im not boring you guys yet.