Contact Visit and Story Time

I had my first contact visit with the whole family. It was awesome!!! Gosh I miss them a bunch. I was so nervous that my kids would act different towards me or even the youngest one forget who I was. I was worried that I might scare her with my mustache lol! As soon as I opened the door they came running to me as fast they could. It was the best feeling. We got to hang out and discuss so many different things, and I really enjoyed it. We played games and hung out outside for most of the time. My littlest is having full on conversations which is crazy because she wasn’t talking when i left. It was weird this time when they left, I didn’t feel as upset as I usually do. We had some good conversations about a few things and seeing them fine and happy and not upset gave me peace. Very good visit. Good thing I was able to do the contact visit because they shut it down as of today again because of covid.

I pulled muscle in my abdomen a few weeks ago and can not get it to heal so my exercising has been less intensive and Ive gained a few pounds. I plan on going hard from here on out.

They are supposed to be interviewing me this week to see what knowledge I have gained from the program and how I’ve been using it. There are times where being in prison gets tough and you mentally check out and then you go through times where you are super motivated. I feel motivated right now.

Interesting story from an older gentleman in a wheel chair that i met, he appears to be 80+. I was sitting next to him out on the rec yard and he asked me what I was in for and then he shared with me why he was in. He told me he was in prison because he was running a trap house at his own personal residence. A trap house is typically where a dope dealer will keep his drugs but not actually live there. He told me he let others use his house as a trap house because it was the only way he could get girls, that the dealers would throw parties at his house and he would be the man. He said he never sold drugs or profited from it. He just wanted the ladies around as he said. Sad story really.

I’m reading the book “Life Force” by Tony Robbins, its about aging. He doesn’t reference as much research or studies but he does talk about many good aging topics, a little bit more in laymens terms. Hes more of a motivational speaker which is why the authors name may ring a bell. I am reading the book because he actually promotes an aging clinic and has one in Naples called Fountain Life. It has some of the newer technologies and practices that will help slow down biological aging. Id really like to bring the same idea to Fort Myers, Lee County area. Margo is helping work on this.