Fathers day, Summer, Friend

I talked to my youngest for fathers day, the other 2 are at camp where they do not have access to phones. At 3 years old Saylor always knows the right things to say to me. She tells me what she’s doing, what she’s wearing and always asks me when im coming home from work. She could make a bad day good in a matter of seconds. I feel fortunate to have the 3 awesome kids that I have. I cant wait to get back to sports, horses, and the woods with them. I told Margo yesterday that the first day back I want all of us to sleep in same bed together. She said I probably wont let me sleep anywhere else for awhile lol. I agree!

Rainy season and summer have officially started. Remember us when your roof starts leaking! We have guys on call 24/7. Target Roofing.

Last week was a really difficult week for me. There is a gentleman who I have become close to since I have entered the prison camp here. He was in quarantine with me from the day I arrived here. We work out together every day at 5:45 am and play tennis on the weekends. He is from Florida and also has kids my kids age. He is 12 years older than me and often gave me some senior advice and helped me through tough times. He was in the RDAP program with me until last week. He was unexpectedly removed from the program and moved to another unit. This is has been difficult for me. Things can change so fast here.

I did a workout called the big Murph this weekend lol! I don’t know if that’s the name of it on the streets or just in prison. We started our normal time at 5:30am. 4 mile run, 300 squats, 200 push ups, 100 pull ups and then another 2 mile run. I thought I was done until i was asked to play some tennis. I was wore out. I am in good shape right now. I am not all that muscular but I do feel a lot healthier.

Thanks for following along!