Kids, Inmates, Aging

The kids just got back from summer camp. They have been there a little over 3.5 weeks. It was really nice to talk to them again. It sounds like they had a ton of fun at this outdoor wilderness camp. Football season is only a few weeks away, I stressed to Sawyer how important it is to continue with his training prior to season starting, this is a big season for him. If everything goes well I will be out a couple days before his first game. This would mean the world to me.

There are some interesting characters in here to say the least. Lots of them are very entertaining and funny. Some of the older guys in here that are in on drug charges have this old school hippie mentality, they could also be this way from years of drug use. They tend to joke around alot and laugh at everything, several are so old they have no teeth left and look like they are over 100 years old. They have this oh well attitude. Not sure how else to explain it but it keeps me entertained. Some of the guys who have been in awhile are still stuck in the year they were arrested, you can tell when they were arrested by the way they talk or dress.

Aging again, last blog i discussed getting a test “GRAIL – Galleria” that can show whether you might have over 50 different types of cancer, often times years before you actually see signs. This is a test Margo and I will be getting when I get out.
Another valuable tool to help you prevent disease would be to get a Genetic Test and DNA analaysis. These are relatively cheap under $1k and can tell you so much about yourself and what you might be predisposed to or susceptible to. For me this is a must have.

Next blog Ill talk about several other preventative options such as full body MRIs, Inflammation tests, and Combinostics mapping of the brain for alzheimers and other diseases.

I hope to see you all in 7 more weeks!