Last Day

“Last day, Cooking, Kiddos, Plane “

Ok so this may be my last blog while in prison! Ill see what happens tomorrow, they will shut down my computer accounts and phone tomorrow midday. Im beyond excited to get home and hold my babies, it has been a long time and i have tried to stay strong. I know when I finally get to hold them again it will be the new best day of my life. Margo will still be out of town for a bit but shes chasing her dream and I 100% support her. I will see her again soon too!

The very first thing I still want to do when I get back is cook with my kids and eat a bunch of healthy vegetables with whatever it is we are eating. I want to give and show them a bunch of articles and stories I have saved for them about health and excercise, articles that I think they can relate to. Sawyer has been working out and excercising for football, he was excited to share with me about his routine and also about how he drinks protein shakes. I want to spend time with them differently than I have in the past, I am going to be concious about being in the present and enjoying every bit of it.

I have been excercising 7 days a week for last couple months. I do light weight/rock training 6 days a week and cardio and tennis a few days a week. I even played football yesterday, everyone told me im crazy because of how close to the door I am. I scored 2 touchdowns, boom! Im in good shape. I want to continue working out and plan on trying to at least get some dumbells to the house asap. Dumbells alone will be more than I had while in prison.

There is a guy who entered the camp about 2 months ago who I have been working out with. He is or was the owner of Blackstone supplements, from the research I have gathered he seemed to be one of the larger companies in the weight lifting supplement world. He is super knowledgable as he was a body builder as well. Its been nice getting to know him and talk excercise and business.

One thing I have been thinking about lately is what if any media attention is going to be there again when I get out. If there is some I’ll be prepared. I think most people know how I feel about it all already but I dont want to feed into it. I would rather not acklowldge any goofy questions but instead maybe be able to give something insightful about life and its challenges but how we can overcome them.

I will be home noon on Wednesday. Tuesday I do a finally walk through and make sure all my things are turned in. I could have had some clothes sent in but Im choosing to wear my prison clothes to the airport. I have some half way normal looking shorts and a gray t shirt. I have some shoes that have holes all in them im going to wear. At 3am wedensday morning Ill meet an officer in the parking lot or possible another inmate and they will drive me to the airport. When I get there breakfast will probably be my first real free world food in over a year, Im craving over easy eggs! My conversations with people on the plane rides back should be interesting if they ask me where Im going from. Ill try not to scare anyone too bad. I want to take all my things from prison and create a shadow box I can hang up somewhere at some point.

I have a couple get togethers scheduled with a couple different groups of guys I hang out with here. I look forward to sharing some last minutes stories. I hope to be able to stay in touch with them in the future

I will continue to blog when I get out, I would like to be able to share whats going on and maybe there is something someone can take from it. I promise you my perscpective on so many things have changed for the better.

I look forward to talking to everyone this coming week and into next. For the first couple days I will be prioritizing my kiddos. Good talk!