2/19/22 – “Music Room”

I went to the music room for the first time early this week. A friend of mine has been playing the guitar, I thought he was just taking lessons but turns out he has been playing before prison. In the music room they have 30 guitars hanging on the wall and a full drum set and all types of music and audio equipment. I listened to him play on Monday and have been going back every day since. Something about listening to music just brings me back home for the time im in there. Most of the music he plays is rock n roll from the 90s which is great. There is a new guy that just came in the RDAP program with us this week and he also plays the drum. They get to playing together and its really cool. We stop in between songs and talk about plans for the future, some of it business and some of it just hopefully future travels. They are always asking me which rodeos Margo has coming up and hows she done. We all know a little about each other.

In the program I’m in every 3 months I meet with the counselors ands they ask me about my progress and my knowledge of my material. If you show improvement you move to the next phase, if not you could get a formal warning or rolled back. I was scheduled to meet with them Friday however they didn’t have enough time to see me, I sat in a room for 3 hours waiting for them. It was a long 3 hours and even though I didn’t do anything I felt exhausted after. I’m sure they will get to me next week.

The kids and the family stay busy, when they have busy weekends it helps me pass time here. I call in the morning and find out what the plans are and then call after to see how everyone did. Sawyer is in 2 football leagues and baseball right now. Stella is doing softball and horses and Margo stays really busy with rodeo and the horses. Without them I really think my time would pass much slower now.