Release updates, probation, kickball

Less than 30 days! I get asked quite a bit about how I am feeling, if im excited, if my days are going by fast, what im going to eat when I get out. Yes I am excited however I feel my family is in a good place which has made it so I dont feel as anxious lately, early on all I could think about was going home. I have gotten close with a few guys here who have years left on their sentences, it makes me feel sad thinking about that and leaving them soon. My days are going by fast, I have heard from others who are about to go home who have said their days feel like they are moving slow, we all spend our time and days differently. Lots of these guys have their first meals planned out often consisting of a steak dinner, I have no urge for that. I would like to pick up a few gift cards for a restaurant on my way to checking in with probation and handing them out to a few in need. My ideal dinner would be stopping by the local farmers market and picking up some fresh vegetables and food and just spending time with my family at a dinner I cook.

I will still technically be under a type of stricter probabtion for the first 4 months out of prison. They have not given me any types of rules so I wont know until the day I get out. I know Ill be able to work but I may be limited on travel?

I still have my mustache incase anyone was wondering, it has been growing for 9 months now. Yes its very long. Ill try to keep it until I have my first important work meeting lol!

I still keep busy reading at nights, my favorite magazine has got to be far and away the Economist. I do not watch tv so this is where i get my news from

We played kickball on the softball field over this past weekend. It literally seemed like a scene out of a prison movie. So entertaining…. There was about 15-20 on each team, most guys had there shirts off and over weight. The infield dirt was real dry so it was dusty. The guys were awful and making fun of each other often, its funny as some of the guys can get pretty agigtated, all in good fun though.