Roofing,Scout and Beavers

From what I hear its been raining pretty good down there right now. If you need any roofing repairs or service work performed give the company a shout. Material supplies have been all over the place, it has made scheduling on reroof projects tough. Some types of materials have lead times over 6 months out. 239-332-5707
My dog Scout is not doing well right now. She is the same age as my daughter Stella. She has been a part of my life and the kids life for a long time. It is very painful hearing about her being sick, I cried. When things happen while im gone I just cant help but feel like its my fault. We have lost 3 horses this year as well. They said she has cancer and not much they can do for her. At some point we have to decide if its inhumane to keep her alive. I wanted to see her one last time before they put her down but I dont want her to suffer. We started her on rapamycin which is one of the aggreisve longevity medications I have researched a ton. If she has cancer it should slow down the growth. I would give anything if I could see her one last time. She will goto vet this week again and ill keep eevryone up to date.
A tree recently well back by the river next to the track, there have been several beavers eating it up. Beavers are alot bigger than I thought. There is actually quite a bit of wildlife right next to the track because the guys bring their leftover food and feed the animals. There is literally no less than a few hundred turtles, racoons, deer, bird and other animals.
I have been working out pretty good again. I found an old bag and we put rocks in it to add a little weight to our work out. I feel sore again which is good.
My kids are all at summer camp right now which is 3 weeks long. I feel good knowing they are having fun. I cant wait to hear how its going. They have written me a few letters already.