My watch battery ran out last week. I havent had a watch since. It has been kinda interesting not ever knowing the time or date lately. Time is passing by fast and I as I get down to the end I feel like I made the most out of my time here. It was all for something. Family, Health, Aging, Business, all improved over the last 12 months. I had time to do things that I didnt think I would ever of had time to do or learn. I hope to hit the ground running.

I have read quite a few good books yesterday. I would highly suggest reading “Always Hungry” by David Ludwig and another book “Why we sleep” by David Walker. I dont know why they dont have courses on these things in school. Beyond informative. Some other books I have read lately that were good Fantastic Voyage by Ray Kurzweil, Spectrum by Dr. Ornish., Family Firm by Emily Oster. I still refer back to my Life Force book which if you havent read yet I think your missing out.

I have a new roommate. I have not had one since being in prison. I actually offered up my top bunk to another guy here who I have spent quite a bit of time with lately. He came from another prison camp and is from Texas. He is my age and has kids my age. He is very knowledgeable about business and we good conversation about it. He actually uses a program that we use at Target Roofing that we talk about a bunch. We work out together a couple times a day and he is the one who got me to start running 10 miles at a time. We do it several times a week. He will be here another 3 months after I leave. I hope to be able to connect with him when hes out.

Funny story, as I was walking to breakfast at the chow hall I look next to me and see a guy walking in his underwear to the chow hall. He went in got his coffee adn food and left. I talked to him later and he said he thought he had his shorts on the entire time until someone told him when he was in line for food. LOL The guys nick name is shrimp boat because he was a shrimper from florida LOL.

Hope to see you guys soon!!!!!!