Sports, Appeal

Hey guys! Nothing real eventful this week. We did get some new guys into the unit and saw some go. They started a soccer league this week with 4 teams. We had had out first game this past weekend. I played and our team did well. It was different out there now that the league has started, I have noticed the guys taking a bit more serious. A couple of scuffles that didn’t lead to anything much but it worries me being this close to the door that emotions could get high, I definitely don’t need any problems. Ill monitor this as it goes. I really enjoy the exercise from it. I have slowed down working out because of an abdomen strain that hurts badly. I’m good for 1 or 2 games a week and thats all I can handle. I took some time off but it didn’t help much. It probably needs a couple months off but I don’t want to give up my gains right before I get out. I also have gout now in my elbow, wrist and finger on my right arm. I cant believe how many things are going wrong with my body. The food here tastes good but the preservatives in the food make it tough and I think are contributing to it. This weekend we start a tennis tournament and I have been paired up with another player. They put people in 2 groups, group A and group B. Group A is supposedly the better players, not sure who decided this. Each team will have an A and B player. I am the A player for our team, lol. I have been getting lessons a couple days a week from a very good tennis player. I cant wait to get out an whoop up on my father in law.
Margo has been still kicking butt lately, super proud of her for managing everything and still pursuing her dream. Its not easy.
I am also really proud of the team managing the business. They have really stepped up and I cant wait to be able to help them again and rebuild our reputation.
The government sent their response to our appeal last week. Appeals prosecutors handle it now instead of the original prosecutors. I read their brief and it is very difficult to read, its almost like they don’t understand the case, which may be a good thing, I don’t know. They make so many comments and statements that contradict the trial testimony. I don’t know how they can create facts. You don’t believe any of this until you actually live it and see it. I think their goal is lets throw as any negatively perceived things as we know about him at a wall and see what sticks, i.e. a boat. It comes down to one thing though and thats if we paid the employees and did it matter what money the account came out of to pay the employee? Employees were paid and Target Roofing did not net any new monies because of it. This is basic accounting, money is fungible. Prosecutors said if monies were all in same account this would be different, not sure why as no where is this normal accounting. Ill be out before anything is ruled on. Ok, rant over.
I’m doing well mentally and have really enjoyed working on myself and being able to learn new things. Between this program, exercise and learning about aging I can honestly say this year has been productive. Look forward to seeing you guys soon!