Stella’s B-day/Seminar/Funny Story

Hey! It was Stellas birthday last weekend, she turned 10 years old. She was with my in-laws and they took her shopping, had a big water slide and overall had a ton of fun. I really miss being a dad to a couple of beautiful little girls and soon to be big girls.

We were sitting in what is called seminar the other day which where we have a bunch of inmates in a building discussing different topics. One of the guys got up on the microphone and wanted to talk business. I believe his question was what does it take to start and run a successful business. I dont disucss business here often unless im approached about it, in prison it isnt always smart to discuss too openly for different reasons. Nobody raised there hand to volunteer so they gentleman actually called on me. I stood and gave my thoughts on what it took which to summarize was wake up before everyone else and never give up. You will make a ton of wrong decisisons and make mistakes but they can all be learned from. If you arent making mistakes I believe you arent taking enough risk. Yes I relize im the one in prison however many of the ones I know in business are of the same mindset.

Crazy story, there was a guy who got kicked out of the prison camp yesterday for being on a cell phone with a bottle of lotion next to him. You may have to connect the dots. Stories spread around camp quickly too.

19 days till im home. First 4 months I will have some restricted movement but I will still be able to go anywhere I want I will just need to check in. Out of town trips will be limited during the 4 months. I will being staying at home and I will have the kids with me until Margo gets home. Wanted to clear this up a little as I have heard people ask and thought things worked differently.