Transitioning and Repamycin

Today the class in front of us transitioned out of the program and many are going home, roughly 15. I have been with them for the last 7 months living in the same unit. It was good to see their progress and change and make their way out. I hope to be able to stay in touch with them in the future. It is our turn to step up and be the leaders in the community.

A gentleman here has taught me how to read a book and retain the knowledge. I was really struggling remembering what I had read and then be able to use it in discussion. When I read a book now I have a highlighter or pen with me to underline important parts and I also keep a notepad for notes. I usually go back after I have read the books and take notes based off the sections I have highlighted or underlined. This has helped me a ton. I even do it with short articles in magazines and newspaper. Try it out, its wild how much more I retain now.

What I would take now for aging
Metformin – script needed
Rapamycin – script needed
quercitin – senolytic
fisetin – senolytic
NMN – NAD+ precursor
NR – NAD+ Precursor

Things I’m interested in for aging but haven’t understood enough yet:
NAD+ injections or NAD+ I.V.

Books to read for aging:
Life Span
Life Force

Aging – I ordered a new book that should be coming in any-day. I forget the exact name but I think its called “Rapamycin, Autophagy, Mtor and Mtor syndrome” It was very recently published. I believe the drug Rapamycin will be the future for aging here shortly, I would take it now if I wasn’t in prison. It is an FDA approved drug for organ transplant patients and can be prescribed for off label use for aging. Yes its original intended use scares people, if it was originally intended for anti-inflammatory or something else this drug would have been more widely used by now.
Some other interesting things that the aging community has some agreement on: Growth Hormone and testosterone are not good for overall longevity. They are both good for short term wellness but overall will shorten your life span. If you are to use it make sure your levels aren’t any higher than whats normal even then there are concerns. If I were looking to accomplish some of the same side effects that HGH and Testerone were giving to me I would explore the use of peptides and supplements. Several biologist talk about new studies and information and how fast it is coming in. I read an article last night that the average half life of scientific medical information is only good for roughly 75 days. That means discoveries are made often and there is a-lot to keep up with. It can be difficult for even a doctor to say on top of everything.
Also, I have said this before but time restricted eating is very powerful. It doesn’t mean you eat less it just means don’t eat all day. The human body over the last few hundred thousand years has evolved. Over the that time period we ate at most once a day or once every few days. When we did not have food, which was 95% of the time, our body would be in a state of autophagy which is when the body cleans and recycles. During autphagy the body removes senescent cells (which are cells that no longer work correctly and cause inflammation), damaged or unfolded proteins and other cleaning duties. The epigenome is responsible for this process but it is also responsible for the production of new cells and can not do both properly. When we eat 3-5 times a day our body does none of its autophagy responsibilities and only reproduces. Food triggers cell reproduction. If we limit the time period we eat in the epigenome will be able to manage both its responsibilities of autophagy and cellular reproduction. The drug Rapamycin in short makes the body think there is no food available and allows the body to continue on with autohphagy rather than cell reproduction.