08/02/21 – Tribalism

Very interesting how tribalism works in prison. Everyone is so willing to help. Our close group in quarantine which consists of all walks of life help each other. Each of us then receives help from other forms of tribalism.

If your from someone’s country, state, religion, or race you have these additional resources here. If your from Florida the other inmates through the camp will find out and try and send you a full care package to help you get on your feet. This is the same for other things that draw individual together. This may sound a bit divisive but its not, its really just people looking out for other people. Here this just have a way of doing it. People are inherently good regardless of the situation you or they are in. I am not naive and stay careful buts its very refreshing to to see how much people care then in times of need.

I have had some really good conversations with the economic professor who now works for large banks and businesses looking to make acquisitions. He is specifically in charge of researching the potential acquisition. Part of that included looking at possible future potential and growth or the lack there of. We talked about what potential buyers would be looking for and key metrics. He is very interested in KPIs and data that drive businesses. A good portion of my business model incorporated KPIs and data so it was an enjoyable conversation. I even suggested a book that he had not heard of which provides structure for businesses that use data to drive their business. The books name is “traction”. Read it if you haven’t! Life changing for our business. 

I look forward to talking to him more. He has 3 kids the same age as mine. We do yoga and work out together. He did not tell his kids about him coming to prison. I did tell mine so we discussed why each of us made the decision. I gave him my wifes number so that he can have his wife reach out to mine and see how it worked. 

Out of time again!