“Update and some thoughts”

What to write about….. This week has gone well, and weeks are still passing by quickly. From what i understand alot of the counselors are out this week so should be an interesting week of classes. We also have roughly 40-50 new inmates from Texarkana entering the program in probably a week from now.
When I left home 8 months ago my youngest daughter could hardly talk, I actually think she only knew a couple words like daddy and mommy. She is now having full conversations with me and she does so good. She says all the right things. She thinks Im at work so she always asks me how work is going. She asks me what im doing, and when she can come see me. Shes very attentive on the phone, im proud of her. The other kids are great as well, when I talk to them on the phone they always seem so busy but thats ok, I know how it is at that age. So busy with friends and sports.
I have this thought often but I cant imagine how things would be if I didnt spend time in prison, life would have went on at a million miles an hour and I dont know that I would have ever slowed down. I would have never been present, never been satisified or ever been thankful for the small things. I would have aged chasing something that doesnt exist and then wondered what happened to my life. I am now in a postion where I have classes on my well being, I eat right and exercise every day, I attend yoga and meditation and I read books on life and aging. Im in the best mental, physical state that I have ever been in my life and Im right here in prison. I want to do so many things differrent from being a father, husband, employer. I will take mental well being, health, gratitude, and life different now. A balanced life style will have a new meaning. If I didn’t get the opportunity to take a step back Im sure I would have just kept plugging along. This just may be the best most important year of my life.