8/04/21 – Signs of the Times

I’m going to try and use some analogies and metaphors that relate or describe life in prison.

“Signs of the times”

Many of the inmates use different signs with their hands or gestures with their bodies to communicate. It seems as though there is another language here. I dont know what any of it means and hopefully Ill never need to find out. This is camp so rules are really relaxed anyways. Most of the guys signing are probably from another higher level prison. What is interesting about prison is that technology has not grown here like it has on the outside. We wake up early and eat traditional plan breakfasts like oatmeal, grits, or cereal everyday. No sugars, no special flavoring or colors. This is the same with lunch and dinner as well. The jobs available to us here are either food service, grass cutting, education, or maintenance. Activities available to us on off hours are reading, sports, education, leather shop and music class. These foods and activities are basic and have been around for centuries. To me it’s all super simplistic and it’s great. My anxiety is gone,the clutter in my mind is gone. I can see and hear my thoughts again. My mind is not always thinking in the future or the past because I feel there are so many less options and less technology that interferes. I feel like Like because my mind is cleaner. I have the ability to to write, to write things like cake analogies to my wife, to introspect, to self reflect. Its been awhile since I was capable of doing that. I feel like i’m leading my mind now instead of emotions controlling it like in the past. More of the goals I plan on creating will be about how to maintain more of this sanity and clarity. I truly enjoy it. I dont know that I would have ever been able to psychoanalyze myself in such away if its wasnt for this time in prison.

Other quick hits
– They added 5 more guys to quarantine yesterday which restarts our 2 weeks in prison
– We received commissary. Tons of great food. Made the day fun!
– Met my case manager who will be responsible for my future and when i Get out. Super great guy and had some great works of encouragement
– Im still first one up every morning and I dont plan on giving up that title any time soon.

Running out of time again. I only get 15min at a time. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Excuse my spelling errors!!!