I am a husband and father to 3 children. My wife’s name is Margo, my kids are Sawyer, Stella and Saylor. Ages 11, 9 and 2. I was born and raised in Fort Myers, Fl. I think the saying is “Florida Cracker”. I attended St. Francis Elementary school and Bishop Verot Highschool. While growing up I’ve had a passion for several things, my family, sports and work.

My family is very important to me. Sawyer and Stella are following in my footsteps with school. They are attending the same electuary school that I attended, St Francis School. Saylor is still currently in day care. Sawyer and Stella have even had some of the same teachers I had. Sawyer is our oldest. He is a good student and phenomenal athlete. He plays baseball and football. In baseball he plays shortstop and is the lead off batter. He’s not very big but has a lot of heart and is really FAST! He has played tackle football sense he was 5 years old. His football team recently won the swfl area championship for Pop Warner. He was our starting running back and cornerback. Everyday on our way to games I give him motivational speeches. You would think I was leading an army into war if you could ever hear them. Not sure how much my speeches work but they sure do get me pumped up! LOL! Stella 9 years old is the smart one in the family. She gets straight A’s and has no problem telling her mom and dad what’s right and wrong. She is also a phenomenal athlete. She is a stud softball player. She’s more of a power hitter and bats clean up. She also was invited to play on the all-star team, but she had a barrel race to attend. She is a really good barrel racer and I mean REALLY good. Barrel racing is way tougher of a sport than tackle football. She went to our state championship for barrel racing and got 2nd place her first time entering out of over hundreds of kids that were way older. Her horse Patron is one of those once in lifetime horses. I am so proud of her accomplishments so far. Saylor, my youngest, wants to be just like her older siblings. The third child has been fun, its great having my younger kids be able to help out. Saylor wants to do everything herself because she is always watching the older kids. Just yesterday I put her in the car and she was freaking out because I didn’t let her do it herself. I had to pull the car over, get her out and then let her get back in by herself so she would stop crying. She loves sports and horses. What makes it tough is we practice sports and horses everyday with the other 2 kids so she’s always around. The problem is she always wants to be involved with it. She pitches a fit every time and it makes it difficult to practice with the older kids. Its all good though, we are understanding and love her for being the way she is! My wife Margo is great. The reason I married her early in my wife is one of the reasons we are still together today. She was always a positive person and always smiling. I can not even begin to explain how important that is. When you come home from a long day of work or all 3 kids are crying at the same time you need some one to keep the sanity. That’s Margo! She always positive, she forgives and forgets. Life keeps going for Margo and tomorrow is always an opportunity. Margo is also a phenomenal barrel racer. Her and Stella do so well together. I know one day they will be chasing their dreams of an NFR title together. They have traveled the country going to rodeos, often times driving to different rodeos everyday with 10 hours drives between them. I hope I can be a part of helping them achieve their goals and dreams one day.

I’ve always wanted to be independent growing up. I remember when I got my first job at Publix. I used to research on the internet how old I had to be to get my first job. When I was 13, I turned in my application to Publix super Market. The day I turned 14 I was legally allowed to work and they hired me. I stocked groceries for over a year. When I was old enough to be on my families work comp I started roofing in the company business. I would work weekend, nights and summers. I worked for the family business for 13 years. I enjoyed everything I learned. I worked in a family business that had a lot of family members in it. After a period of time I had started to cultivate my own relationships that I fostered during my time in school and others from the community and my wife. At that point I thought it would be a good idea to start my own business with my wife and family. I did not have aspirations of building a big business or making money. It was however important for me to deliver a good product. After 5 years of business we had created a successful business of over 280 employees. I was proud of what it was but it wouldn’t have been what it was without the great team we had in place. The name of the roofing company was Target Roofing.

My hobbies are mostly involved with my families’ sports. I am a head coach for football. Some years I coach my son’s team and other years I coach other teams. It is so exciting and rewarding to be able to teach young men the fundamentals of football but it is always rewarding to see them learn responsibilities that will translate outside of football. I hope my coaching inspires them to do something great in life. My kids are competitive, but I think I try and push them to the next level. Anyone in sports now knows that practice and preparation are important. We do sports almost 7 days a week. Whether its practice or games there is always something going on, often my wife and I are going opposite directions because the kids need to be at different places. As I had mentioned before, the girls in my family like to rodeo and are barrel racers. I enjoy doing this with them, it is highly competitive and tough. You must not only train yourself hard, but you must also train your horses the same. I like to give my advice and opinions to them, not sure its always welcomed 😊. In order to be competitive you also need to have the horse power. I think that’s where I can support them. Breeding is a very important factor; I help breed and raise the horses with them. Lastly, some of my favorite hobbies are fishing and spearfishing. I have always been a big fan of the water. I grew up boating when I was younger, and it is still one of my favorite past times that I used to enjoy with my father. My wife and I have owned several different types of boats and have always incorporated them into our families lives. We have traveled all over the state of Florida including the keys, Marquesas, and the Tortugas. We have made long trips to the Bahamas, 10 hour boat ride one way. Its always fun going to see the pigs on the Bahamian islands and enjoying the local seafood.

What’s important to me now and into the future is that I have a healthy balance in life. I want my family and kids to have a good education, take of care of and love each other and be hard-working and productive. I believe we have charted that course successfully so far but we know that there will be life challenges and it will always depend how you handle those challenges. My family is ready to step up in the face of adversity. I look forward to future touchdowns, home runs, rodeo wins and mostly importantly sharing the rest of my life with the best family I could have ever imagined.