9/1/21 ” My book, My story “

I have thought alot about writing a book for so many different reasons. I have thought about writing well before my indictment, I think maybe one of the reasons I procrastinated was so I could put this chapter of my life in it as well. I received alot of good feedback from you guys, I know most people wrote publicly about not writing a book but privately there was an outpour of people pushing me to do so. The Target Roofing staff has also pushed me.  I understand people are afraid I may say the wrong things but I think I have a chance to say enough right things to where it could help someone. I have read several books on how to write and I have read several memoirs and autobiographies. I think im ready!

I have this taped on my desk in my cell to remind me why I am writing and to encourage me to continue to write.

” I am writing this book to encourage and inspire others to believe they can do anything they choose and give them the tools to do it even in the face of adversity. I hope to be able to give someone the confidence to change their life for the better. The book will allow me to connect with others like me or in my industry and will help my business to grow. By writing it will also help me to support my family and others who rely on me.”