1/30/22 “My red work shirt, Australian open”

Been awhile since Ive wrote last. Things are going good, I am learning alot and time is moving quickly. I obvisouly dont feel very productive being in here compared to when I was on the outside. I really cant wait to be back it. Anyone who knew me or worked with me knew I wore the same outfit everyday. I wore a red under armour collared shirt, under armour khaki pants and my boots. The last several weeks I have had dreams of having my work clothes on especially my red shirt. I think about putting it on all the time too, often times first thing in the morning Im looking for it. When my wife comes to pick me up from here Its the first piece of clothing I want to put back on. I have some unfinished business that I want to take care of for sure.

We woke up early this morning to watch Nadal win the Austrialian open. It was really cool, I never did watch much tennis until I got here. The guys I play tennis with have taught me alot about it. I cant wait to play some on the outside and teach my family to play too. Alot of these guys here are from other countries or travel alot. It has kind of opened my eyes to some of that. I would love to take a trip over to a different country and watch one of these opens.

There are 50 of us in my unit and over 25 have been qurantined with Covid. At night is when you can hear people coughing which means there are many others who probably have it currently and dont want to say anything. If you get qurantined the guys are worried they will have to make up their time some how from missing classes so I think they try to hide that they are sick. No one has got really sick at all, I think the vaccine probably helped with that.

Thats all I have for now!