11/25/21 “thanksgiving”

You would think it would be hard to be thankful for much in prison and it is at times. Im aboout 4 months in right now and mentally alot has changed as I have had some time to reflect. I am 100x more grateful for things I had in the past than anytime during that period. In here I decided I need to make a decision on what type of life I want to life moving forward. I could live in the past with resentment and anger or I can live in the now. Right now I have a beautiful family thats supports me and a awesome staff and business that is waiting for me to get out. Although I struggle with my faith this is the first time in 10+ years I have been to church for 3 months straight. My life is full of good.

We exchange life stories here in prison often, mostly because it helps pass time. These exchanges have taught me how much I really have to be thankful for. There is always someone here who has lost more and endured greater. Just today I was talking to a man who was telling me this is his 16th thanksgiving in prison, and still has a ton to be thankful for. If I told stories of my struggles here in prison I can promise you it wouldnt motivate or inspire many innmates. They would remind me of what I still have and the future opportunities. I know I have said this before but without this experience I would have struggled for a long time learning what is important to me. Really just in the last couple weeks I have felt comfortable with where Im at and with whats in the future. I dont feel anxiety or upset. As I spend more time here I will evolve some of my ideas into action steps, live in the moment and understand all the oopportunity I really do have. I get to choose whats ahead and Im excited and grateful for that.

On a lighter note I am grateful for the turkey / Emu leg we get for Thanksgiving today. Yes Emu, I think thats how its spellled? Apparently they look like ostriches? I had a taste earlier and it did taste good, just like turkey. The meal also comes with stuffing, sweet potatoes, greens, cookies and a soda. Im going to watch the bears lions game today and play tennis over the weekend. Still plenty to be thankful for.

Our football team played in whats called the turkey bowl yesterday for the championship. We won by 2 touchdowns and I scored 1. Whats interesting about it is I played in the turkey bowl and Margo is at the turkey run for her horses.

I made my first cheesecake all by myself, I cant wait to see how it turns out. We used cinamon toast crunch for the crust and cream cheese, creamer, mozzarella cheese for the cake part.

Thats my update for the day! Thank you all for reading my blog and keeping up with me.