11/26/21 ” 12 year anniversary”

They say and try to spice things up after being married for awhile. Seems like year 12 is that year for us. For some reason I dont think they meant for me to try prison out as a way of spicing things up. For better or worse is what we told each other 12 years ago and I can honestly say that I feel my marriage has never been any stronger than it is today. We talk multiple times a day. Everytime I hear her voice I feel as excited as I did when we were dating. Back when we were dating there wasnt a phone recording reminding her im in prison though. The 4 months I have been in here she has been beyond supportive, every single conversation is productive and always ends with us sharing our love for each other. If you have been married for awhile you know thats difficult sometimes. We are both working hard to make this easier on each other, its crazy to see how a hardship like prison can actually bring people closer together. I think and dream often about my wife. I miss the hugs, kisses and contact we had. I literally envision us embracing and holding each other. Its a difficult feeling not to be able to touch my wife for this long. I cant wait to have our first contact visit soon! Margo has picked up where I vacated and played a great mother and father. Im a proud inmate for that. We write each other letters often, this is where we get to have some more intimate conversations. The phone calls are all monitored, it doesnt feel intimate when you know someone is listening in on the call. Mail goes out without being checked. Without my wifes positivity and motivation this would probably be long dark journey. I see it first hand from some of then men here who lost their better halves because of their sentences. I cant wait to get out of here and spend my first few weeks out with just her and my family, we talk about that week and what were are going to do all the time. My marriage and my wife are perfect right now. Maybe all it took was some prison time to spice things up again?