11/5/21 “Small update”

I don’t have a ton to update on. I did get to move to a bottom bunk in a different wing when a few guys transitioned out of the program. I moved by a guy who is also a roofer in florida. I have a cell mate. Its a guy i spent quarintine with. His name is Prince and he is from Nigeria. Really cool guy. The rest of the guys in my area I know pretty well. I played in another soccer game today, we have another game tomorrow and we also have a volley ball tournament tomorrow. Sunday there is a kickball game scheduled. The racked the infield and chalked lines on the softball field for the kickball game. I havent played in one yet. I have been wanting to see the family lately, its been awhile but tickets are insane right now until after Christmas. Everything is over 1k a ticket, UGH. If anyone finds something cheaper and headed to montgomery alabama please let Margo know.

Im starting to read some fiction books in spanish. I really think its the only way to pick up spanish is using it. I just finished reading a couple how to spanish books. I know a signifcant amount but have always wanted to be fluent. Playing in the soccer league its mostly spanish so hopefully thats helpful.

I know its been raining down in florida a bunch so please if you have any roofing needs give the office or Margo a shout. They are still hard at it.