12/4/21 “week update”

Hey guys! Things are still moving along. Classes went well this week. Ive got to spend time learning about some of the new inmates im in with. I still cant believe some of the stories I hear. So many sad stories and it really makes me feel appreciative I what I had and still have. I want to do so many things different. Many of the guys in here just never had a chance, especially the guys in here on drug charges. Lots of them are here because they were raised around it or just didnt have the opportunities. Yes they could have said no to certain things. I just got done walking the track with a young guy who had a normal job but wasnt making ends meet with his wife and kids. He felt like he needed to do something more so he found quick easy ways to get by and it cost him. This young man just needed some guidance or to be around the right people. I often wonder what would happen to alot of us if we were put into similiar situations. It makes me want to do so much more when I get out.

The tv room was full today watching the alabama georiga football game. It was fun and everyone was really pumped up for it especially after Alabama won! Now that Im a Alabamian I rooted for them as well. I made pizzas and peanut butter cheesecake for the game. Before the game I played some tennis and did some yoga. Very relaxing.

I talked to my family for a bit today and they were all good and happy. I love when I call them and they are excited to tell me about their day, it makes me feel good and helps my time pass here. Stella was so excited to tell me about her new “powder set” that Glen Holt bought for her. Thank you Glen!

I can see the contacts visits happening from my cell, its really cool to see some of the guys interacting with their families and all the kids running around. I cant wait to see mine the same way, hopefully soon!

I enjoyed getting messages from you guys this week. Please send me some more!