9/14/21 “Cultural Diversity”

I get asked all the time what the racial diversity is like in prison. Its actually pretty cool. Its about 45% black 45% white and 10% spanish. I would say there is more interaction between cultures and races than on the streets. Meaning there are groups of every different nationaility together. You dont see groups of whites on one side or blacks on the other. I have heard thats how it is in other prisons but not here at all. Only time its like that is maybe mostly white playing volleyball and mostly black playing basketball but thats because of the different culturals and not race. I enjoy learning about other culturals here and struggles different cultures face. I have read several biographies lately which depicted them, I just finished up Barack Obamas biography and i finsihed a few weeks ago the “mocking bird” (I may have completely messed this name up). I lent the book out so I cant find the title and im trying to type fast before my time runs out. The area where my room is is very diverse. I have 2 black americans on both sides of me, I have a doctor down at the end, a shrimp boat cpatain and an older white man that doesnt speak to anyone. The gentleman next door to me his name is Darrel Brown, he is a very good guy who I often have good conversation with. He owns several resturants in Atlanta. He lets me ask any questions I want and then gives me great answers. I appreciate his honesty. Today we discussed “opportunity” and what it like for me vs others of different cultures who get out. The biggest problem for some other is that they dont have the same opportunities and I agree with that. We discussed some ideas where we could help others with opporunties. I look forward to further that conversation as reducing recidivism is the ultimate goal. The guys here always ask me which prison I was transfered in from. Thats how most guys arrive at a camp. I tell them im white collar and self surrendered. Most of the time thats kind of looked down upon but none of them believe me that Ive never been in prison before LOL. I get to hang out with several spanish people as well. One of the guys I look up to most here is from Columbia and has given me advice on life and business that I could have never found on the outside.

I enjoy the lessons im learning and can only hope that I can also grow from them. Anways, thats my quick blog for the day! Im trying to answer some questions as the come up. Thank you guys.