9/17/21 “First paycheck and new arrivals”

Hey Hey, so i dont feel sick anymore. Im guessing when your sick your serotonin levels and possibly testastrone levels go down. Those few days had me in the dumps but now I feel great again. So I received my first paycheck a couple weeks ago and never realized it but I get paid like 17 cents an hour, ROughly 7 dollars was my paycheck. My manager who is an officer said I was doing a good job so he wanted  move me up from a pay level of 5 to a pay level of 2 which is almost highest you can get. I respectfully told him that Im working because I enjoy it and that was more important than pay. I finished surveying all the roofs here and they have over 70 leaks here LOL. I told them it would literally take my whole sentence to fix them all. Im making a material list and plan of action to address them next week.

We got some new inmates in this afternoon. Very interesting, 3 were from Fort Myers. One his parents own dixie road house (he looks familiar) and one of the others was an inmate at the Lee county Jail when my families business caught the roof on fire. Said he saw it all go done. Small world. I gave them a tour of the facility and showed them around.

I have a guy from Miami that lives a few cells down from me that is around my age and has kids. He came in around the same time I did. He told his wife about my blog so I believe she may be reading it too. I know a few of the inamtes wives are, so Hi to all of you! We are doing ok in here and feeding off of each others motivation. We talk about our wives and kids all the time. Its pretty cool. There isnt 30 minutes that goes by that one of us says we wish we were there for our wife or kids. Lots of good people in here and alot of people to learn from. You can write to my website and it will come to me via email.

Anyways, good night or good morning to everyone!!