blog 1/2/22 ” New Years “

For new years we cooked some and did some different meals.

Made a pasta salad, we took the macaroni from mac and cheese and made a pasta salad.

We cut up pimiento olives and spam and mixed it together with some mayonaise and relish, this was for the cracker spread. Also on the crackers we put cheese and pepperoni.

I made a tuna salad with tuna, cut up apples, sunflower seeds, hot sauce and a splash of cranberry juice.

For the main course we had tamales with pork beans and cream cheese, the outside of the tamale is made from crushed up cheese doritos. It was really good.

We watched the Miley Cyrus Miami countdown in my wing. Thought it was really good. We had cheesecake again while watching it. One of the guys cut up a few rolls of toilet paper and handed it out before the countdown. We all threw it up in the air when it reached zero, lots of the inmates were sleeping so they didnt find this very funny. A couple of the guys kept throwing the toilet paper pieces in the fans and the fans would blow it all over the room where all the guys were sleeping.

Yesterday they gave us a steak meal for lunch, it was actually really really good. I could not believe it. It came with a few cookies and some off brand soda.

I played some tennis and relaxed most of the day. A few of us have been meeting at a pavillion away from the dorms at 6pm on saturdays. The guys bring cake and snacks. We share stories and just listen and talk.

My family all seems to be having a good time, they are all in different spots so kind of difficult to keep up with what everyone is doing but glad they are still living! I miss them a bunch and cant wait till the 2023 countdown where I can throw toilet paper up in the air with them at my own house!!!