Blog 4-23-22

Aging in Prison

Being in prison I have tried to occupy my time being productive and doing things that will help me when Im back out. For me by being productive it makes me feel ive justified some how my time in here, in a sense I want to be able to say “thank gosh I went to prison”. As I have brought up in many numerous blogs is this obsession now with aging and how to not just live longer but a healthier longer. In my mind I wanted to figure out how to get the last couple years of my life back. I have read every book on aging I could find and I have had Margo send me hundreds of studies, technology reviews and anything else age related. I am literally sent aging magazines and articles everyday and pick them up from mail call. There is so much good information that we are unaware of and I would some how like to get that information to family, friends and even our local area. The largest companies in the world all have aging divisons such as google, meta, etc. I think sharing would also help me feel I validated my time here in prison. Another gentleman here and I have talked about opening up an aging clinic where we could bring some of the newer technology too and even some coaching as we think both are very important. Id also like to personally use the concepts and technology but it would not be affordable for me to purchase it indivdually for myself so having a clinic to share costs would work well. We have put together a business plan and started looking at locations. For me this isnt about a business its about making sure I continue to be productive in my life and in others for many more years to come. Ill keep everyone updated as things progress.

Blue Zones – Are areas around the world where they have statisticall lived longer. Lifestyle activities that they have shared.

1 Physical activity
2 Life purpose
3 Honored Sacred rituals
4 Lower Calorie Intake
5 Plant based diets low in meats
6 Moderate alcohol consumption
7 Spiritual or religious
8 Strong Family ties
9 Devoted friends and supportive community
10 Time restrcited Eating