“Circadian / Work”

Im going to bore you with some aging information again, remember I have too much time on my hands and aging and life span have become an interesting topic for me. I finished reading longevity diet, very good book but technology and information is evolving so fast that any books written more than 2 years ago could be considered old. There is Valuable inforamtion in the book, new studies contradict inforamtion at times though. The new book im reading “circadian code” is a really great book so far, a biologist by the name of Satchin Panda wrote the book. He is a professor at Salk Institute of biological studies. An authors credentials are very important to me. Satchin as well as all the other authors I have read about have their own labs and do their own research and studies. The book is about the circadian rhythm of genes, molecules and cells in the human body. In short its our internal time clock when things are active and when they are non active or asleep.There are times when its most beneficial to do certain things during the day or night. By coordinating all this it will reduce diabetes, cancers, dementia and ultimately aging and life span, in addition it will improve weight loss, sleep, and exercise.One study that most biologist have started to agree on is about the time of day you should be eating. They have some very large studies out of when is the most efficent and best times to eat, by eating at the right time of day you can add significant years to your life. In a recent mouse and rat study they added 27% more time to the average lifepsan by just feeding them in the evening, and not reducing caloric intake. During the week I eat one meal in the evening, this is extreme but at the very least these biologist strongly reccomend eating all your intake within an 8 period and not eating for 16 hours.

Ok thats it for aging. I better see all of you looking younger when I get out. 

Now onto work, after the last blog about living life and the life changes I want to make people asked me “what about work and its future?”. Work is something I know and dont worry about, its not something I think about often because it was something that came easy. Easy concept, be the first one in and have passion for it. I have no doubt I can make money when I get out and rebuild anything I had. Managing a company with hundreds of people was much easier than being happy and living a productive life as a father and husband. Make sense?

Also something else I have thought about is documenting via videos or other ways “business and work”. I would like to show people they can do it if they believe in it. So many people have reasons why they cant. When I get out I will be a 6 time convicted felon who has lost almost everything, and tore apart by the media for over a year. I want to show that even still I will be successful again in spite of all that. Find your motivation and purpose and lets roll. No time to figure out why we cant. If I can do it I promise anyone else can. 

Ok Im done being motivtional today, im going to go sneak some cheesecake now.